Vietnam's MPAs

Stretching over 3,200km kilometers in length, with countless stunning landscapes given by Mother Earth, Vietnam is one of Asia’s most diverse and fascinating countries.  
Along with coastline, Vietnam’s sea is the habitat for more than 11,000 marine species that provide resources for fisheries and tourism as well as valuable samples for scientific studies. However, Vietnam’s “silver seas” now are in peril.  The marine environment is seriously affected by pollution, overexploitation, etc,…that consequently lead to biodegradation, destroy marine ecosystem and the economic loss.
Therefore, marine protected areas (MPAs) play an important role in helping protect marine habitat. They also assist in restoring the productivity of the oceans and prevent further degradation.
In 2010, a plan of establishing 16 marine protected areas (MPAs) has ben approved by the Prime Minister of Vietnam. According to the result published in National Workshop on solutions for MPAs Management Effectiveness Evaluation (MEE), ten over sixteen MPAs have been established so far. Please refer to each MPA icon below for more information: